Penerapan Green Economy di Senegal Melalui Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) (Syarifuddin Akbal)

August 11, 2022
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Submitted by: Akbal, Syarifuddin
On: Aug 11, 2022 @ 7:10 AM

  • 1. Title [Judul]: Penerapan Green Economy di Senegal Melalui Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP)
  • 2. Creator [Pengarang/ penulis]: Syarifuddin Akbal
  • 3. Subject [Subjek dan kata kunci]: Senegal, Green Economy, Emerging Senegal Plan, Environment, UNEP
  • 4. Description [Abstrak] : The research aims to analyze and describe the process and results of the implementation of the Senegalese Development Policy named Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP) which in its policy implementation, Senegal uses the concept of the Green Economy as a concept and a goal to be addressed. The data used is the type of secondary data that the author obtained through the results of a literature review both from books, journals, reports, and through internet access which contains relevant data and information related to the research discussed by the author.
  • 5. Publisher [Nama Lembaga Kontributor]: Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • 6. Contributor [Pembimbing, promotor, ilustrator, produser, dll.] : Uni W. Sagena, M.Si, Ph.D
  • 7. Date [Tanggal / tahun penciptaan atau penerbitan]: 2022
  • 8. Type: Artikel
  • 10. Right [Contoh: CCL, MIT, Open Document, dll.]: eJournal article

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