Kerjasama Industri dan Infrastruktur Maritim antara Indonesia-Denmark 2015-2020 (Annisa Mawaddah)

June 23, 2022
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On: Jun 23, 2022 @ 5:27 PM

  • 1. Title [Judul]: Kerjasama Industri dan Infrastruktur Maritim antara Indonesia-Denmark 2015-2020
  • 2. Creator [Pengarang/ penulis]: Annisa Mawaddah
  • 3. Subject [Subjek dan kata kunci]: Indonesia, Danish, Maritime Industry, Maritime Infrastructure
  • 4. Description [Abstrak] : Indonesia as the largest archipelagic country has great potential for marine resources and services. But apart from that potential, Indonesia is faced with maritime problems such as weak maritime industry and infrastructure. If Indonesia can overcome these problems, it is not impossible that Indonesia can become the world’s maritime axis country. And to overcome that, cooperation between Indonesia and Danish is carried out. The results of this study show that the cooperation between Indonesia and Danish in the field of maritime industry and infrastructure is investment and technology transfer. Infrastructure cooperation carried out at Bitung Port is by investing in the construction of container depots and cold storage, but in its implementation there are obstacles because investors attract interest when there is a decrease in fish production in Bitung. Then in industrial cooperation conducted at PT. PAL Surabaya is in the form of Transfer of Technology (TOT) to build warships and is still in the process of being worked on.
  • 5. Publisher [Nama Lembaga Kontributor]: Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional
  • 6. Contributor [Pembimbing, promotor, ilustrator, produser, dll.] : Etha Pasan, S.IP, MA dan Aisyah, S.IP, MA
  • 7. Date [Tanggal / tahun penciptaan atau penerbitan]: 2022
  • 8. Type: Artikel
  • 10. Right [Contoh: CCL, MIT, Open Document, dll.]: Artikel eJournal

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