Buruh Anak : Mampukah Kebijakan Negara Melindungi? (Fajar Apriani)

March 24, 2017
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Submitted by: Apriani, Fajar
On: Mar 24, 2017 @ 12:08 AM

  • Judul: Buruh Anak : Mampukah Kebijakan Negara Melindungi?
  • Pengarang (nama dosen): Fajar Apriani
  • Abstrak (max. 1600 atau 250 kata): The phenomenon of child labor in developing countries often have yet to be resolved, especially child labor in the informal sector. Children are the next generation of the nation, so that should get the fulfillment of their rights by the state and the family environment that feasible. Children have the right to acquire education, develop personality and potential, as well as protection from violence and discrimination. However, the strong patriarchal ideology, neoliberalism’s influence and the discrimination against the child in the field of education, particularly for girls, as well as the still weak state policy in protecting child labor, making this problem up to now has not been able to solve. The problem of poverty is often understood as the basis of the causes of child labor issues. But a more serious cause is in fact concerns the responsibility of the country’s top that does not satisfy the rights of the child, in particular in terms of education.
  • Kata Kunci (max. 80 huruf atau 10 kata): Child Labor, Discrimination, Child Rights
  • Program Studi/Unit Kerja: Ilmu Administrasi Negara
  • Jenis Karya Ilmiah (type of material): Artikel dalam Jurnal
  • Nama Jurnal (utk artikel dlm jurnal): Publisia Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Publik Program Studi Administrasi Publik Fisip Universitas Merdeka Malang
  • Volume [jurnal]: 1
  • Nomor [jurnal]: 1
  • Tahun [jurnal]: April 2016
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